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Valentin May's Profile

Valentin May

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Smart and sexy guy ready for my favorites! :)
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I love being a motorcyclist.

Jul 13th @ 12:47am EDT

People say, most think people of motodvizheniya called biker mad that they are living like some kind of addicts. Therefore, ordinary people, when they watch a motorcyclist sometimes in an unusual form for their eyes, twist a finger at the temple (sometimes mentally), laugh or even call it obscene words. In our time in many people's minds the image of a biker (he is a simple man who loves Moto, not just a word) is mapped to the dirty, dirty punk, chasing motocycle, clad in leather and a black helmet with horns, and came with a "Moto" motorcycle (Harley Davidson) without mufflers. It's sad.

Denying anything leads to disgust, anger, and hatred. Most people do not understand what lives any other person who loves his job (hobby, lifestyle), because each of these most people are concerned about their approval, both to themselves and from themselves. It is undeniable that among bikers, too, there are people who are trying their best to attract attention to themselves, to promote and enjoy the glory, but such bikers are negligible (and to put it mildly they are bitten). Basically motorcyclists live in joy and joy to the people around them. I will not enumerate the qualities or, for example, rules (codes), because it is nonsense and pathos, which only adds to the personality of each biker.

I will note in General that people who have connected motorcycles with their destiny bring many bright moments into their lives and lives of friends and relatives, and even if they are not all super-positive, but they will still remain in their memory for many years, and maybe centuries-for another generation. Few people manage to get out of the system of gray faces. You want to feel it? â€" Join us, friend!

Top 15 tricks of psychology

May 28th @ 12:48am EDT

1) When the laughing group of people, each instinctively looks at who he just cuter (or who he wanted to be a close person).

2) When you have to do something very responsible or requires concentration, in a word, what usually makes us nervous, it is worth trying to chew gum or even eat something. This is associated on a subconscious level with a sense of security, because we usually eat when we are not in danger.

3) If someone is angry, and we manage to remain calm, the anger will probably only escalate. However, later this person will be ashamed of his behavior.

4) If the person answers the question only partially or too evasively, do not ask again. Better to just silently look him in the eye. He will most likely understand that this answer did not satisfy the interlocutor, and will continue to speak.

5) facial Expressions, it turns out, not only can be the result of feelings, but also cause these same feelings. Feedback works almost smoothly, so those who want to feel happy should smile as often as possible and wider.

6) Better not to use in speech or letters such phrases as "I think" or "I think". They are self-evident, but give words a shade of uncertainty.

7) Before an important interview, it is useful to imagine that we have a long-standing close friendship with the interviewer. It is almost always up to us how we perceive the situation, and our calmness and ease can be transmitted to the interlocutor.

8) If we manage to make ourselves genuinely happy when we meet someone, the next time we meet that person will be happy to see us. (By the way, dogs constantly do this trick with us).

9) People tend to agree to a lesser favor after refusing us more.

10) a Lot of useful information can be extracted by paying attention to the position of the legs of the interlocutor. If, say, the socks of his shoes look in the opposite direction from us, it usually means that the person wants to finish the conversation as soon as possible.

11) Many of us have been present at the meeting, in a situation where there were reasons to expect sharp and unpleasant criticism from someone. Under such circumstances, it is best to sit next to this man. Practice shows that he will lose all his fervor and intention to attack, or at least be much softer.

12) Most people do not distinguish between splendor and simple self-confidence. If you learn to show confidence with your whole appearance, people will reach out to us.

13) Good advice for those who work in the service sector: it is necessary to hang behind a mirror. People will behave much more correctly, because no one likes to see themselves irritated and angry.

14) a Very useful habit to notice the eye color of a person when meeting. He will unconsciously feel sympathy for us because of the slightly elongated eye contact.

15) Going on a first date, it is very reasonable to take a partner to some exciting place. Subsequently, positive emotions from this meeting will be associated with us.

Be better!

May 26th @ 12:22am EDT

1. Wake up early. The ideal time to rise is 5-6 o'clock in the morning.
2. Sleep 6-8 hours a day, which is enough to get enough sleep.
3. Exercise regularly in the morning.
4. Run every morning in the fresh air for 20 minutes.
5. Harden up! Wash and rinse your feet with cold water.
6. Watch your posture.
7. Eat right. Include more vegetables, fruits and berries in your daily diet. Give up fast food.
8. Drink clean and cool water (not less than 1500 ml.).
9. Have Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time.
10. Watch your speech. Speak beautifully and correctly. Never use swear words and expressions.
11. Give up bad habits (Smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.).
12. Don't surf the Internet and watch TV all night. One hour is enough to know the news, check your mail and view your favorite sites and programs.
13. Don't judge other people. Don't gossip behind your back. Avoid contact with negative forces that make it all the time.
14. Pay attention to your family and friends. Care of them.
15. Say nice words and compliment the people around You.
16. Do at least one good deed every day.
17. Thank the people who have done something good for You. They will be very pleased to hear from You.
18. Smile more often.
19. Think positively. Do not clog your head with negative thoughts.
20. Learn five or seven foreign words every day.
21. Read interesting and informative books for 30 minutes daily.
22. Study biographies of outstanding people.
23. Learn poems, it will allow You to develop memory and vocabulary.
24. Learn something new every day.
25. Sign up for courses or seminars that you once wanted to attend but didn't.
26. Listen to pleasant and calm music - it will allow You to relax after a busy day, and recharge with positive energy in the morning.
27. Travel.
28. Every evening think over the plan for the next day. Be sure to include "good deeds".
29. Dream, share your thoughts with paper.
30. Start a diary where You can celebrate what You have achieved and what remains to be achieved in life.

Do not be skeptical about these simple tips: first, they are quite realistic to perform, even despite the busy schedule of study or work, and secondly, they really work. Therefore, forward - on the path of self-improvement!

Museums and Art Galleries in London

May 24th @ 2:41am EDT

London is the main Britain's tourist attraction. The city is known for its ancient cathedrals, churches and particularly for its art museums and galleries.

The British museum is one of the world's greatest treasure stores. It was founded in 1753 on the collections of Sir Hans Sloane. The money to house them was raised by public lottery. Today the museum has two departments - the Museum of Mankind and the Natural History Museum. The Museum of Mankind includes a vast collection of antiquities, including marbles from the Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone that provided the key to Egyptian hieroglyphics, ancient works of art in stone, bronze and gold, a collection illustrating Western Asiatic civilizations. The Natural History Museum contains five principal collections on the history of plants, minerals and the animal kingdom. A series of new permanent exhibitions has been opened in the museum, among them 'Dinosaurs and their living relatives'.

The National Gallery was founded in 1824 and is one of the greatest museums of art in the world. It is noted for the balance of its collections; all of the important art schools and almost all old Masters are represented there. The rich collection of Dutch masters includes 19 Rembrandts.

Of all London's great art collections, the Tate Gallery is the most rewarding. It does not cover the whole range of art, but has two distinct collections - British painting and a modern foreign collection. The gallery was opened in 1897 and built by the sugar refiner sir Henry Tate. He also gave to it works from his own collection of British paintings. The Tate covers all that is significant in British painting from the 16th century to the present day. It houses superb Constables, some of most important works of William Blake and important 20th century works. It also possesses a unique collection of Turners. The Tate owns more than 280 of his oil paintings. The sculpture collection includes works by Roden, Epstein, Henry Moore.

Victoria and Albert Museum was opened in 1857 by Prince Albert and included the collections of Museum of Ornamental Art. The art collections grew rapidly. Now they include fine and applied arts of all kinds. They chiefly represent European art and the art of the Near and Far East.

Music in my life

May 21st @ 10:16pm EDT

Music appeared in my life long before I learned to distinguish between different styles and trends, learned about the work of great composers and musicians. The first melody that I remember so far was my mother's lullaby.
My taste changed simultaneously with my age, today I liked rock, tomorrow was pop music, in a week I was ready to give my last money for recordings of famous rappers, sometimes I listened to reggae in my mood, and I did my lessons for popular songs coming from radio channels. And all the time it seemed to me that without music, my world would be imperfect, as repulsive cold beauty happens without a warm smile, or the sea becomes boring without a storm and white lambs of waves.

Music plays an important role in my life. When it becomes sad, I turn on some funny and popular song, quietly start to hum it, and the mood rises literally in a few minutes. It is interesting that at the same time with fashionable styles of music that my peers prefer, I love the works of famous classical composers.
Music in my life is the necessary stimulus that helps to achieve goals, a constant guide and a skilled doctor of spiritual wounds.

Peace of Mind

May 20th @ 9:16pm EDT

Staying within your comfort zone
May feel saved, but it can have you fooled
It’s treacherous
It’s deceiving
You will not achieve peace of mind if you don’t leave the past behind
Make up with it once and for all, and never ever again you’ll fall
Beating around the bush is pointless
You need to bring down the walls you’ve built up
Surrounding you

You need to dig deep
You need to work hard
We don’t have much time
Why don’t make out the best of it?


May 18th @ 9:54pm EDT

People aren't born good or bad. Maybe they're born with tendencies either way, but its the way you live your life that matters.


May 18th @ 1:36am EDT

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

Your life is

May 17th @ 4:29am EDT

Your life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be opened.

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